Business Continuity Planning with Frontline

Effective business continuity planning is critical to any company. Dealing with emergency situations quickly and efficiently directly impacts your staff, your customers, your reputation and your profits.

When your business is impacted by events outside of your control, Frontline steps in to help keep communications running smoothly and will handle your customers and suppliers with appropriate escalation services.

Crisis management

No company should be caught unprepared and without a backup plan to address common emergency situations such as:

  • Fire alarms
  • Power cuts
  • Weather events
  • Fuel shortages
  • Sudden illness

Protect your reputation

Crises can hit businesses anywhere and at any time, presenting a lasting or even critical impact to service levels and performance indicators.
How any interruption to your operation is handled in the initial moments often defines the severity of its impact and how long the ramp up back to normal service can take.
Having an effective communication process in place provides the peace of mind you need to know that your customers and suppliers will always be supported, no matter what, and that your business and reputation will be protected.

How Frontline helps stop crises from becoming disasters

Frontline’s carefully selected location and range of backup systems combine to provide a full-support service for emergency situations, as part of its 12 reasons to choose Frontline.

Whether you need to alert a crisis centre or a specific person to take over your company communications, we have exactly the right solution for you.

The examples below outline just some of the services we offer our customers.

Crisis management in action

One of our customers is a large chain of high-end shopping outlets, operating throughout major cities in Europe.

The company relies on us to deal with emergency situations and contact the right people to manage whatever may arise, from a lost child to a terrorist attack. Our customer is dependent on timely and accurate action to start getting the crisis sorted as soon as it begins.
Staff through the various outlets call a dedicated hot-line number and come straight through to us, where our highly trained team take the exact information of the incident and immediately assess who to notify.

With you and always on the line

Another one of our customers is a front line maintenance company, repairing armoured vehicles in war zones.

During a crisis situation, a team member may come under fire and be injured or even killed. When emergency calls come through our skilled team immediately organises an appropriate response for the situation and escalates it through to the nearest response team to provide assistance.

Whether you need Frontline to take over your calls during a crisis or get the fastest assistance for a team in need, we are here to help.

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