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Frontline offers a bespoke service that is tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We position our services to help businesses meet and exceed their customers’ expectations, which means that our costs are structured around those needs. Broadly however, our charging structure falls into two categories:

  • Dedicated Operator Service:
    This is charged at an hourly rate and is designed to meet the needs of any business regularly receiving more than 120 calls a day
  • Bureau Service:
    The Bureau Service is a ‘Pay as you Go’ option that allows for a scalable approach.

You can also blend our services by, for instance, scheduling a Dedicated Operator Service for peak times and then falling back on a Bureau Service support for quieter times. Once we have a clear understanding of your specific requirement and strategic goals, our expert team will help provide you the best solution. Contact us now to find out more.

Frontline’s philosophy is to work closely with clients to establish a collaborative and effective relationship from the outset. This involves taking the time to understand your business and the needs of your customers. By applying our core values of: Co-operation; Excellence; Trust and Loyalty, we are able to create call services for businesses with complex customer communications.

Effective account management

We allocate every client an account manager and Client Service team who help set up a communications solution that absolutely suits the client’s strategic needs. Part of the team’s responsibility is to scope out the requirements and to put an implementation plan together.

We also put additional focus on training our teams to very high standards and our training ‘Bible’ is always being reviewed and updated.

Yes. It’s important to note that we do not outsource our services but operate solely from an in-house, state-of-the-art communications centre in Portsmouth. All Frontline operatives work from our office and we don’t use VOIP lines to bring in external support. All of these elements ensure that we have control of the standards and quality of the service provided.

Our training schedules are focused on providing the right tools and learning development that our team needs to perform quickly and effectively for our clients. All of our new call operators undertake extensive training, first on simple calls before going on to handle more complex situations.

Frontline is also committed to a skills pledge it made in 2008. Since then we have provided NVQs level 2&3 and OCN qualifications for our operators.

The Frontline Way

A new starter at Frontline begins their training with the ‘Frontline Way’, an in-house programme designed to teach expert call-handling techniques. It covers how we expect operators to conduct themselves on each call and trains them to meet our high standards of customer care.

It is an in-depth programme covering areas such as: correct greetings, call control, telephone manner, listening and questioning skills, summarising and call closing, call details and further actions.

When they have successfully attained the appropriate skills, new starters are then given specific training on Frontline systems and learn how to deal with specific contracts and take some basic live calls.

Frontline’s clients are grouped into different modules to enable operators to learn different types of calls and gain knowledge and experience in a structured way. Staff are closely monitored and given support and further training, and moved forward through each module only when they have shown they are able to deal with calls efficiently, effectively.

Once all modules have been completed an operator is then fully qualified and able to answer all calls. This can anywhere between three and six months to achieve, depending on their working patterns.

Frontline implements an information security policy that works toward the ISO27001 framework. We want our clients to be confident that their data is secure and we understand that information, data security and cyber protection is essential to all businesses.

We have a number of teams that are solely dedicated to specific clients. They work hard to embody the corporate image of the brand and exude the right attitude at all times. We also nurture a team of subject experts in: Care, IT, Maintenance and end-to-end customer service. These experts are available to all of our clients.

Social media is of course amazing for dealing quickly and effectively with customer requests, issues and queries. Our team are trained to handle and navigate the social platforms via our in-house software and we regularly handle customer connections for multiple organisations.

Yes. Live help, or web chat, is increasingly popular and our IT infrastructure is designed to support customer communication over multiple channels. Our in-house system joins all the channels up enabling us to report and view live customer interactions in real time.

We’ve a number of different teams in the business and they have varying levels of clearance and checks from basic disclosure to Security Clearance (SC). If your business has a specific security requirement, we will be very happy to ensure all staff meet this criteria.

No problem. Please feel free to contact us any time on: 01489 866 630 or email at:

Our team is always happy to answer any question you might have about how Frontline works and why businesses choose us to help support their communications strategy.

Frontline’s basic contract runs for three months.
We can report in a variety of ways and utilise a complete suite of reporting tools that measure each transaction in detail.
When you become a client of Frontline you will be assigned an account manager. They will be your prime point of contact from the initial scoping meeting through to the day-to-day running of the account. This person will work hard to get to know your needs and will be supported by the rest of our team. They will be responsible for your ongoing customer care and will ensure we consistently provide an outstanding service.
We can provide both standard and bespoke reporting on any aspect of our service. These reports can be generated at any interval and in most formats to suit your specific needs. Your account manager will work with you to ensure that you are getting all the information you need in a format you can use.

Our mission is to provide a seamless extension of your internal team. This can include emulating your existing service style to positioning ourselves as an additional resource, such as through an Overflow Team.

Frontline currently handles around 80,000 calls each month for clients. In the extremely unlikely event that no one can take a call for you, Frontline uses tailored ‘comfort’ and hold messaging that is agreed with you in advance.

Email has been an active and staple part of our B2B and B2C communication for years. Companies are often inundated with requests from customers and we have a lot of experience in fielding email communications effectively.

This has been best highlighted through our successful work for the past five years with a large, independent florist.

We also are very experienced in handling automated email alerts. When a server, service or product fails we can receive alerts from monitoring tools and take the appropriate action.

Yes. Our team works with callers from across the world in more than 85 different languages.

For some companies offering efficient and friendly call-handling services is not enough. They may work in a high-pressure, time-critical business sector or in hostile regions where keeping a caller waiting is simply unacceptable.

From a chemical emergency to a PR crisis, when emergency strikes you need to make sure your customer communications are effective and expertly handled. At Frontline we are able to broadcast messages to key team members, contact customers proactively and escalate issues through multiple departments, staff members and business partners.


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