Charities with Frontline

Frontline works hard to support a wide range of charitable organisations, many of which regularly operate in extremely hostile environments.

Our highly trained teams step in to offer critical support for emergency calls to be rapidly and effectively escalated, helping your representatives to work safely in some of the most dangerous regions of the world.

Frontline already works closely with a number of international charitable organisations including a water charity and an HIV/AIDS charity.

Call Escalation

Callers can be engaged in working in military or disaster zones. When calls come through to our teams, callers are often experiencing an unfolding crisis situation and are under great stress.

Our teams quickly work to assess the caller’s needs, escalate the call to where it needs to go – often a crisis team who help organise fast effective and responses on the ground.

If they are unable to remain on the call, they can send an SMS text message instead and the Frontline team will work constantly to reconnect the caller.

For domestic charities, Frontline also has the facilities and expertise to effectively operate a donation line.

Call us now on +441489866630 to discuss how we can help support your charitable organisation to achieve its goals, wherever your representatives operate.


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