Overflow Call Handling with Frontline

Frontline has been at the forefront of overflow call-handling services since it first began 16 years ago.

Overflow call handling was one of the first services Frontline offered when it was founded 16 years ago. Today it continues to lead the business sector and enhance it through highly skilled teams and best practice.

Changing business demand

Sudden spikes in demand for your services can be hard to handle. Really busy days can be a problem for any business and when people are rushed off their feet they may not be able to get to the phone and answer calls effectively.

Frontline utilises state-of-the-art systems that closely monitor how busy you are each day so that when all of your staff are engaged in other tasks all calls are immediately routed through to us. Our system will count the number of rings and if necessary transfer the call straight through.

This helps significantly reduce customer waiting times, making your customers happier and your business run smoother.

Out-of-hours calls

Our standard out-of-hours service ensures that when your office closes for the day, every call you receive will still be taken. It means customers can still speak to someone and not an answering machine.

Never miss a new lead or a chance to engage with customers.

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