IT Services Provided by Frontline

With a dedicated team of highly trained operators, we are able to provide customers with round-the-clock IT service desk support. Our meticulous adherence to service level agreements mean we establish with our clients that our answer times and first-time-fix rates are amongst the best in the industry.

By taking time to understand and become proficient in the systems and services of each business we work with, we integrate seamlessly with the in-house IT teams we support. After establishing a specific issue metric with our clients, we efficiently triage each call, rapidly routing it to the appropriate responder, and thereby optimizing both in-house and out-of-house customer service resources. As experts in logistics management, we also support on-site IT workers by communicating with customers and repair teams to ensure that your company’s resources are dispatched in the most rapid and cost-effective manner possible. So we act as a crucial support hub for our clients by managing the needs of customers, field technicians, and in-house IT experts—eliminating redundancies and maximizing efficiency.

We also provide multilingual IT support, with technically proficient interpreter’s on-call and available 24/7 to translate in 85 languages. So many of our international clients rely on us to be the hub of their follow-the-sun service models, and we eliminate customer service lapses by ensuring full support at all hours.


IT Continuity with Frontline

We assist IT continuity via email and SMS. Automated system alerts are monitored and triaged much like a phone call, we carefully monitor traffic in order to scale up or down support lines as needed. The Frontline team has a wide experience in CRM and help desk applications. This ensures that customers receive the comprehensive support they need and the business has all their customer data in one place.

With the understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all customer service solution, Frontline’s IT team works closely with each of our clients to develop a bespoke response model. We build a dedicated team to support each individual company we work with, craft in-depth problem/solution plans, and develop client-specific SLAs that we rigidly adhere to. So after training in your company’s systems and procedures, our IT support team can be counted on to provide Frontline’s industry-leading customer service in a package that perfectly fits the unique needs of your business.

So to learn more about how Frontline can benefit your company, call us today at +441489866630 or why not see what one of our existing clients say about us.


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