Call Handling with Frontline

At Frontline we understand that delays responding to customers’ needs or inappropriate call handling can quickly lead to lost new business and a damaged reputation.

Our call escalation or ‘triage’ services ensure that every incoming call is handed not only with professionalism and diligence but with the importance it needs. By promptly assessing the urgency of a request, our expert call handlers are able to take immediate and effective action, helping mitigate against any costly delay.


Call Handling

Never miss a new business lead

Frontline takes a huge amount of pride in acting as the voice of our clients, handling around 80,000 tasks each month. Using state-of-the-art technology and an outstanding ethos of customer care, we have become the UK’s most respected call-handler.

We work across a huge range of involved and demanding business sectors including:

  • Housing associations
  • Reactive maintenance companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Emergency hotlines
  • Telephone ordering centres
  • Counselling services

Our work does not end when a call does, when we are off the phone we constantly track, record and analyse the call data to provide clients with detailed reports of customer interactions, while continuously auditing ourselves for peak performance. This allows us to constantly develop and improve.


Call Escalation

Staff at Frontline are trained extensively and approach every call as an important customer interaction that needs the same professional, correct attitude that best reflects your business.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach but rather take the time to get to know your company and customers, treating every caller with care, sensitivity, understanding and expertise.

We work around-the-clock to offer outstanding support and to meet your business needs and exceed your expectations, whether you are a small start-up or huge multinational. In addition to providing callers with vital information about your products or services, our staff are experts in resolving conflict, fielding complaints, and addressing unique communication needs.


Out-of-Hours Service

Find out more about Frontline’s responsive 24-hour, 7-day service that is tailored to your specific needs. We believe that an automated message is not acceptable response for your clients and have built an enviable reputation for efficient, flexible and professional out-of-hours call handling, email and live chat that businesses can rely on. We operate as an outsourced contact centre and a seamless extension to your business.


Call Handling Overflow

Frontline’s Overflow service is great if you offer extensive customer relationship services, aftersales care or are just in the enviable position of too many customers wanting your attention. When your own lines are busy, it ensures you will never miss a new business lead or a chance to engage with your clients.

Exceeding customer demands

If you manage a modern, multichannel business, you will know that customers expect increasingly responsive service and sophisticated communications: whether that is by phone, email, SMS, live chat or Twitter or Facebook.

At Frontline, we have responded to this, and pride ourselves on offering a seamless customer service experience for you and your clients, delivering bespoke business telephone-answering services that are tailored to your organisation, as well as the efficient back office processes of administration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) logging and reporting.

If you’re committed to superior customer service, Frontline can help. Call us today on +441489866630.


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