Emergency Services with Frontline

For some companies offering efficient and friendly call-handling services is not enough. They may work in a high-pressure, time-critical business sector or in hostile regions where keeping a caller waiting is simply unacceptable.

Because emergency hotlines and helpdesks are most effective when they can anticipate, rather than simply respond to customer concerns, we carefully log and report each call we receive. This not only keeps us fully accountable for each customer interaction but also enables us to constantly refine our skills and expertise, while providing the data our clients need to expand their businesses.

Call Escalation

At Frontline we use a tried-and-tested escalation system, which allows us to prioritize the urgency of each call and immediately route it to the appropriate expert, either within our clients or to external third-party suppliers.

Even while coping with large and fluctuating call volumes, Frontline’s emergency hotline system takes the guesswork out of customer service by putting callers in rapid contact with our representatives, who immediately assess their needs and forward them to the operators capable of providing the fastest possible assistance.

Interpretation Services

With well over a decade of experience, we at Frontline work with businesses and customers around the globe. Our services include coordinating interpretation services and connecting callers with real-time translators fluent in more than 85 languages, so that your customer service can seamlessly extend into markets both foreign and domestic.

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