Whether it’s someone feeling vulnerable after hearing some hard news or an irate customer who is upset and frustrated, some calls can be difficult to deal with. Building rapport is a crucial way to ensure you give the customer a positive experience of the phone call and will make them feel listened to and empathised with. It is also a great way to build trust with the caller and should make the person feel that their request will be dealt with professionally and in full. Below are four ways our experienced call centre staff try to build rapport on the phone when speaking to valued customers.

1. Make it personal

Even if the information we need to direct the call requires ID numbers or address details, we always ask for the person’s full name and confirm if they’re happy to be addressed by that, or whether they’d prefer their title and surname. It’s important to make the person feel as though the call is being tailored entirely to them, and using their name is a key way to achieve this.

2. Prioritise

Every customer who calls will have a list of priorities that they expect to be addressed and dealt with. Understanding from the customer’s perspective which requests they would like to be actioned first is key in successfully building rapport with the person, and dealing with their call in a way they will feel positive about. This is especially important in cases where someone is upset or angry, as it can be quite confusing to understand exactly what they feel the main issue is and, as a result, what they would like you to deal with most urgently.

3. Allow space to vent

Whether the person is venting because they feel frustrated by an issue they’re facing or whether they’re making a call that is distressing or upsetting – for example, calls relating to funeral arrangements or care for a loved one – we understand that giving the person a chance to let it all out can go a long way in helping to build rapport.

4. Actively listen

This lets the customer know you’re still participating to the call. The fact that you are willing to listen to all they have to say can really help the person feel that their grievances are being heard and that their call is valued.

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