Our Problem:

As many IT services companies know it can be very expensive to provide support cover outside standard working hours. Our out of hours resource costs were very high compared to a low overall call volume.

Frontline Solutions:

Frontline have partnered with us to deliver Out of Hours call handling. They have provided an excellent level of customer service in a cost efficient way. They support multiple customer contracts and are flexible in providing customised escalation scripts and ticket logging in our ITSM platform. As our service has grown Frontline has continued to be a key part of our service delivery.

Frontline handle our email alert monitoring and escalation for key IT systems and have consistently delivered a high level of service.

In addition given the fact that Frontline have staff available 24 x 7 x 365 we have agreed disaster recovery/business continuity switchover to Frontline in the event our core hours service experiences an outage.

The team at Frontline are friendly, professional and courteous both to our customers and when we are working together on a daily basis.

Service Desk Manager – A leading IT business