As a business, orders are the one thing that keeps your business going, so why is getting this right not a priority? Many businesses fail on getting orders, simply because their order taking service is not up to scratch. It may be that your customer service advisors don’t have sufficient training to answer customer queries, perhaps they are failing to provide a personal, friendly and informed service or they are not attempting to upsell. These are all fundamental aspects of order taking and if you don’t make this a priority, you could essentially be missing out on orders.

Managing customer expectations

When a customer calls up to place an order, they expect a certain level of service. First and foremost, they expect their call to be answered quickly and if they have any queries regarding the products, they want the customer service advisor to know the answer. As a business, you should be confident that your customer service advisor will attempt to sell other products to the customer and quite often, this is an expectation of the customer too. They want to know about any special offers or discounts they could get by calling up and placing an order. If they fail to get this level of service, they will just move on to a competitor. It is that simple.

Outsourced customer service

Many businesses choose to outsource their customer service instead, so they have a dedicated, professional service, which can take the pressure of their employees. If sales assistants are rushed off their feet, serving customers in a store, for example, they won’t be able to efficiently dedicate time to the customer on the phone and this could easily lead to a missed order. It can be much more cost-effective to ensure a dedicated advisor is on hand to take the order and ensure your customers leave with a great experience.

At Frontline, we can offer you a dedicated telephone answering service, which includes order taking. We will ensure the calls are answered quickly, your customers are informed and that we up-sell. We are highly experienced in the demands of a hectic business and can help grow your business. Contact us to find out more today.