We understand how to implement a call centre strategy that works in any specific industry or situation, and over the years the Frontline team has helped maximise the potential of customer service and sales teams for many of our customers. One of the biggest complaints that we see is that of customers becoming impatient when waiting for a call to be answered and there are always options open to you, depending on your preference.

There are a few ways in which you can improve the experience for a customer waiting in a queue for one of your customer service agents to pick up the phone:

Inform the Customer of the Expected Time – One of the best ways to keep a caller calm is to inform them of the expected delay. You want to leave wiggle room of course, but also do not make a fool of them. There is no point in announcing a 5-minute waiting time if it is more like 20-minutes. You can also inform them of their position in the queue currently.

Push Quieter Periods – If you know that there are times of the day where calls are fewer, let your customers know this during periods of high caller frequency. If they understand they can call back and get through much more quickly at a different time, it calms down the situation.

Call Back Option – One of the most popular ways to keep your customers happy is to tell them how long they have left in a queue and then offer them the chance for a call back. This will take place at the exact time the call would have been answered, so a spot in the queue is not being lost but the customer can hang up and go about their day.

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