At Frontline we provide the tools and the framework from which our contact centre professionals can work. We believe that the best approach is to continuously improve our employees, providing training, guidance and support at all stages to ensure that our teams deliver the highest standard of service to your customers, on a consistent basis.

The idea of our service is that we can provide our clients with additional support to their existing in-house sales and customer service teams, or as the main team behind their customer service approach.

Whatever the precise reason behind hiring our contact centre service, customers should never know the difference between our contact centre staff and the staff of our clients. It is vital that brand consistency and approach is delivered.

Ongoing support is important to meet our own internal standards and to ensure a consistency of approach to the daily processes that all feed into the long-term goals of our individual employees and larger teams.

With this level of crucial support and consistently high standards we can ensure that your brand integrity is maintained and that your customers are treated as they should be, with respect and compassion that helps you to grow your company in an achievable way.

For more information about the Frontline way, contact our friendly customer service team today on 01489 866630 or We will be happy to have a full and frank discussion about your company requirements, putting together an intelligent plan of action that helps you build and maintain brand consistency.