Any job that involves taking and making customer calls requires excellent customer service agents on the phones, but within a care industry such as support for funeral businesses, it is critical. Customer acquisition and retention rely on the contact the customer has directly with your team as this is the first real idea they have of how the company sees and values customers during difficult times. Here are some of the behaviours an excellent call centre agent will demonstrate within these areas to help you to ensure that you are making the right decisions for your business.


A call centre agent, particularly those working with funeral call handling, need to know how to handle a call compassionately and sensitively whilst still getting the information they need out of the call. This means understanding that the person may be upset during the conversation and empathising with them.


When dealing with a difficult conversation, your call centre agent must be able to keep the call on-topic without appearing to push the customer. This can be done with careful asking of questions and steering the customer back to these questions without abruptly changing the subject.


There are lots of things which need to be thought of during difficult calls (handling funeral arrangements, for example). A good call centre agent will be prepared to wait for the customer to find any additional information that is needed or regain their composure and understands that a complete and useful end to the conversation is more important than getting the conversation completed quickly.

Having good instincts

Sometimes, people may be too upset or stressed to continue a conversation. An agent should be aware of when to offer to call back, to email or send a letter, as well as when this is not necessary. Making these options available as and when they need to be is an excellent skill when it comes to closing calls and retaining customers.

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