Having compassion is so important when funeral call handling; you want to make the process of arranging a funeral as painless as possible for your customer, and therefore need to show them that you genuinely care about their loss.

Nevertheless, after growing accustomed to dealing with a number of grieving people, it’s understandable that being empathetic may not come as easily as it used to. In trying to emotionally detach yourself, you may have forgotten just how much upset, pain and anger your clients might be experiencing. Here’s how to show you really do care.

1. Let the customer speak

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a busy day ahead or you’re due to take your lunch, it’s vital to give the customer enough time to speak without making them feel like you’re hurrying them along. They may find talking about the death of their loved one extremely difficult, so be patient and listen to everything they have to say without interrupting.

2. Be sensitive

Always be sensitive when asking for details, such as the date of death, because talking about this could make the customer very emotional. You should forewarn them that you’re going to ask a few questions while reassuring them that they can take their time to answer.

3. Add a personal touch

Although you’ll always maintain a level of professionalism on the phone, being formal and stuffy when speaking to grieving customers is unlikely to help their situation. Using personal pronouns such as “I” shows that you’re directly engaging with them and you can relate to what they’re going through while saying “thanks” rather than “thank you” will make them feel more like they’re talking to a friend.

4. Let them know you’re there for them

You want your customer to feel like they can depend on you for anything, and that nothing is too much trouble. Reassure them that you’re there for them when they need you and that they shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch at any time.

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