Running a successful business is all about gaining new sales. This is what builds stronger and larger client bases. However, it’s no good achieving great success with your sales force if you are leaking orders because you are losing existing clients. In fact, losing the opportunity for repeat business in this way is one of the cardinal sins that any business can make. This is where deploying a contact centre, using a specialist outsourced customer service facility, can reap dividends.

Nothing annoys buyers more than being ignored or being on the end of poor customer service. Winning new orders is just the beginning of building a successful business. If you don’t have a top contact centre offering excellent good customer support for all after sales queries, you are jeopardising that success.

The advantages of having an outsourced customer service facility

Having an outsourced customer service facility offers several advantages over employing your own in-house team. Probably, the single most significant advantage is the fact that if you outsource to a top service provider, you can be sure that your contact centre will be staffed by a team of dedicated professionals.

Many companies fall into the trap of using their sales personnel to offer customer support. This, however, has two major downsides. Firstly, instead of spending 100% of their time obtaining new orders, your sales team are distracted and side-lined.

Secondly, sales people have a tendency to tell a customer what he/she wants to hear. The truth gets embellished and sometimes even ignored, and the customer is ultimately left disappointed when promises are not kept.

A professional, dedicated contact centre

With the outsourced customer service facility, you get from a Frontline contact centre, that won’t happen. Out staff are all highly trained customer service professionals. Your customers will feel that they are being treated courteously and with respect, that they are important; most of all, that they are receiving the very best service.

Sowing the seeds for repeat orders

An outsourced customer service contact centre from Frontline will not only perform and provide best practice, they will keep your existing client base feeling content and well looked-after. It creates the perfect atmosphere for nurturing your customer base and sowing the seeds for repeat orders.