So you’ve contracted out your contact centre functions or first line IT support to an outsourced customer service provider, and you are already starting to see the service and cost efficiency benefits. But how do you ensure that you get the most from the new arrangement?

1. Build a relationship

When you hire a specialist provider to take on your telephone answering service, funeral call handling or another element of your service, it pays off to build a strong relationship with them. Remember, the outsourced service provider is delivering your service and acting as an extension of your brand. The closer your relationship, the more seamless that process will be – and the better the customer experience. Schedule in regular review meetings with a structure, agenda and a process for escalating any issues between face-to-face meetings.

2. Communicate the brand

The better your communication with your service provider, the easier the relationship will be. Start by explaining your brand very carefully – if you have a brand guide, then now is the time to share it. This will help with the sharing of scripts and the tone of voice that the outsourced agents will use with your customer base.

3. Review the data

Ask your provider to create a dashboard and set of reporting metrics that demonstrate on a regular basis just how much value is being derived from the outsourced arrangement. This will show where you are achieving the desired ROI and flag up any areas where you could apply changes to improve the outcomes, or where you might want to take on additional services.

4. Consider the end-to-end service

Over time and as your outsourced service provider demonstrates their capability and expertise in the delivery of your customer service and IT functions, you may wish to outsource more processes so that they provide a fully managed, end-to-end customer services department for you. This can achieve even greater cost benefits and efficiencies. Keep this in mind as you develop your business and operational plans, particularly with regards to resource planning and systems investment – you may well find that a trusted outsourcing provider allows you to minimise your in-house investment, buy in a cheaper service and focus on the main aspects of your delivery that matter most to your customer and bring you the best business return.

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