If you work within a business that operates a reactive maintenance service, you might have considered outsourcing the way your maintenance calls are answered to provide your users with the best possible service. We have explained below some of the key benefits of outsourcing your reactive maintenance call answering facilities. Benefits of outsourcing your reactive maintenance enquiries.

Improving efficiencies

Outsourcing your call answering service to a team of highly-trained call centre employees will help to improve the consistency of the response when reactive maintenance calls are placed. Outsourcing calls also means that your service users will receive a consistent service no matter when they need help. At Frontline we’re here for you and your customers 24/7/365. Utilising an external call handling service also means that your service users start to understand what process their enquiry will go through once a call is placed.

Cost saving

By the very nature of ‘reactive’ calling – a service isn’t required all of the time, which means investing in a team to handle these calls within your own business could be very expensive. Reactive maintenance calls are sporadic, meaning that outsourcing your call answering service could save you a lot of money in down time when calls aren’t coming through.

Improved customer service

Within your contract, you may choose to ask our experienced call centre staff to place follow up calls to check up on the quality of the repair work completed. If the calls are made from an independent line, you might find your service users give a more open and honest account of their experience – helping you to improve the maintenance providers you use and ultimately develop longer-lasting customer relationships.

Combined expertise

Outsourcing your repair maintenance calls to Frontline means that your customers will benefit from the shared experiences and knowledge of our highly-qualified team of call centre staff. With almost 20 years’ experience in handling incoming calls from people requiring immediate maintenance support, we understand the key questions to address and how to resolve your customer’s query quickly and efficiently.

For more information about the experience Frontline has in dealing with repair maintenance calls, get in touch with us today.