When you run a funeral or care business, you know just how important it is to offer a professional, expert and sensitive service to your customers at a time when they most need support.

So how can outsourced frontline services build a more efficient, better business? How outsourced frontline services build a more efficient business?

Firstly, they allow a specialist outsourced customer service function to be delivered by experts in the field. Outsourced customer services providers are highly experienced and trained, with high-quality staff who understand exactly how to deliver the customer experience that the business needs. This means that you can guarantee the right frontline support for your clients, without needing to maintain an expensive in-house function.

Secondly, they are a cost-effective means of buying in expertise that you may not have in-house. For example, you might want to invest in first line IT support – and an outsourced provider again gives you that access to specialists, without the management time, resources and structure required to host such a team in-house. This all allows your business to run efficiently by focusing on what you do best.

By using a professional outsourced contact centre, you also pay a more affordable rate for a flexible service than with an in-house solution. This is because outsourced providers are naturally lean and efficient in their operational models. They use best-in-class processes and Quality Management Systems such as ISO9001 to deliver a high-quality service for clients at an affordable price and with flexible service packages to suit.

You will also find that these providers offer you the benefit of a nominated relationship manager so that you only need deal with one person when you have a query or need support. This saves time and energy and means that you can create the right service for your business needs, with branded scripts, meaningful KPIs to track value and ROI, regular quality checks and the assurance that you are leaving your telephone answering service to an organisation that takes it as seriously as you do.

With this in place, you can continue to focus on your core business, delighting your clients with your care services. Contact us at Frontline today to find out more.