In order to create a solid foundation of loyal and returning customers you have to have the ability within your team to build an honest and trusting relationship from the very first conversation with a potential customer. Building rapport is a vital component of any process of communication, and even more so when considering the sales process for a business.

With a great relationship built you are more likely to have a relaxed and smooth conversation with an existing client, or a potential client on the cusp of making a decision on whether to purchase your goods or service. With a few simple techniques you can reach a point where conversation flows easily and freely.

Begin with a Positive – Always start any call with a positive outlook as the caller will be able to sense this in most cases. Ask how the other person’s day has been so far as a warm up to the conversation, rather than going straight into a hard sales pitch.

Always be Prepared to Listen – Be prepared to allow space for reflective listening, where you take on board what the other person is saying to you and ensure you repeat back what has been said, building rapport and understanding.

Use the Script as a Framework – The script is there for a reason – it has all the key points you need to mention, but be free and go off script to enable a smooth and natural conversation that builds trust and doesn’t make you sound like a robot.

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