Soft skills are an important part to the make-up of a good call centre operative, and at Frontline we are consistently looking at ways in which we can improve our staff, providing them with all of the training they need to be the best customer service operative or sales agent to help your business reach its potential.

There are several soft skills that are important for any good call centre employee; professionalism, gaining the trust of customer, strong communication skills, understanding the product, being a good problem-solver.

We can help to deliver to your targets through shaping our teams to be relevant to your demands, so for example you might want to improve customer retention by a certain percentage, or increase sales by a specific number. We can provide you with a team that has improved soft skills that help towards those specific targets.

This can be achieved through problem-solving training, or increasing the specific product or service knowledge of the team on the frontline, speaking to customers directly about product queries and improving the chances of a purchase being made there and then by the customer.

If you would like to know more about the Frontline service please contact us today on 01489 866630 or We offer a range of contact centre services to our customers, including call escalation handling, out of hours call centre services, and much more. We are always happy to discuss a bespoke service that suits your company and customer needs specifically.