Many medical practices are turning to live answering services to improve their client support and boost business growth. Whether you run a small, local clinic or a large healthcare practice, you could reap the benefits provided by using a live messaging service.

A personalised service, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

A live answering service can provide your patients with a continuous call handling facility, no matter what day of the week or what time of day they call your practice. You can arrange to use the same team of trained virtual receptionists, meaning that all calls can be filtered according to priority. They can also deal with general email enquiries and booking appointments.

This personalised service is what will keep patients coming back to your clinic time and time again.

Savings in money and time

By employing a live answering service you will save yourself the expense of paying the salary of a traditional receptionist who would not be available to handle calls 24/7. In addition to this monetary saving, your clinic staff will be free to do what you pay them for – looking after your patients – without the distraction of answering the phone or trawling through emails.

Emergency response cover

Many medical practices seek to provide round the clock emergency cover, including during weekends and holiday periods. Rather than employing dedicated staff to sit in your offices manning the phone just in case of an emergency call, you can rely on a live answering service to do the job for you at a fraction of the cost. This affordability means that your practice could be able to offer an emergency response service for the very first time.

Privacy for patients

If you use a regular team of live answering service receptionists, they will get to know your clinic and your patients. They can also be trained to ask the right questions and to answer basic patient queries. Dedicated medical live answering service technicians will be trained and certified as HIPAA compliant, so you can rest assured that your patients’ personal health information will be treated appropriately and confidentially.

If you run a busy medical practice, you could benefit from using a live answering service to field your calls, handle emails and make appointments. Being able to offer your patients a 24/7 service, including emergency cover, is a sure way of growing your practice whilst also saving money; it’s a win-win!

To find out more about how outsourcing your customer telephone answering service could help your medical practice grow, contact Frontline today.