The statistics indicate that retaining customers can be up to 7 times cheaper than attracting new ones. A key way to retain customers is by ensuring you provide an expert level of service to your customers’ needs and requests. Outsourcing your customer service function to an efficient call centre can help to satisfy your customers, keeping them happy and ensuring they remain committed to your business. Below we’ve highlighted some of the key benefits of using a call centre to handle your customer service calls. Benefits of using a call centre

Around the clock service

A significant benefit of using a call centre is the 24/7 service you can offer, which can be a great way to appease or please your customer. Often, your customers will work full time or a shift pattern which could mean that calling within a 9-5 time frame is highly inconvenient. Call centre software helps to ensure customer calls are answered within minutes (or ideally less), that they are handled in an efficient and uniform manner and that points of escalation (if required) are available at all times. This can greatly help to improve a customer’s impression of you as you offer an effective and efficient service, that works around their hectic lives.

Skill based servicing

Within a call centre there are a wide range of skills, including people trained in empathetic call handling and people who are multi-lingual. Using call centre software to route the call, your customers’ requests can be directed to an agent who has the best skills to respond to the incoming call. This removes the need for you to hire a large, diverse, in house team – with an extensive range of skill sets.

Customer feedback

Call centres can help to connect your business better with your customers, providing you with insight into how your customers perceive you. Call centres provide you with feedback into customer complaints, helping you to improve operational issues your customers face. Call centres can also provide you with positive feedback and training opportunities, as highly trained agents speak directly to your customers.

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