At Frontline we understand how important it is to engage with your customers in a way that maintains a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. Sometimes your customers will wish to put in a complaint or issue a query, and it is at these moments that our highly trained teams understand how to de-escalate a call, or go through a proper call escalation process that resolves an issue as quickly and productively as possible.

The call escalation process is one where a customer complaint is moved forward from the initial customer service agent to a supervisor or manager in order to gain a resolution that the customer is happy with. It is a delicate balancing act, and in many cases our team is able to identify the problem and have an empathetic, unscripted chat with the customer to de-escalate the situation and prevent this next process from having to take place.

Our team has the experience and understanding of complex situations with customers to ensure that we can handle delicate issues and complaints in a fast and effective manner, often without having to escalate the call. That does not mean that we are afraid to escalate the call if necessary, as sometimes that is the correct course of action. Understanding the nuance of a call, and having a full knowledge of your company and its brand helps to ensure the correct outcome.

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