Working in a first line IT support position and dealing with high volumes of calls or unsatisfied customers can be mentally and physically demanding. Top tricks to avoid call fatigue

Here are some top tips to help you give the best service possible even if you’re feeling at your worst:

Try drinking fruit juice

A number one tip from many voice-actors is to drink some fizzy fruit juice when your throat is sore. The effervescence helps cleanse your larynx while the sugar helps coat and protect your vocal chords, simultaneously giving a temporary energy boost. Conversely, anything with milk will coat your vocal chords in mucus and irritate your voice. So, cutting back on the tea and biscuits can also be a good idea.

Move your body as you speak

If you ever listen back to recordings of your conversations with clients, it may be surprising to find out how often you appear ‘flat’ or unengaged. If you physically move while talking and listen back, you will see that more energy comes through in your speech. An animated and reactive voice will also make the client more engaged, willing to provide helpful information, or agree to any services you are providing.

Take time to listen to the customer

Always make sure that you take the time to fully listen to a client’s request before acting on it. While it can be tempting to help solve a problem as soon as possible, active listening allows you an opportunity to rest your voice and take key summary notes that the client can then hear read back. This will let you validate their information and help make them feel like their concerns and queries are being fully and sympathetically taken on-board.

Make sure that you regularly stretch

Being on-call for extended periods of time has the potential to produce cramp. Always make sure that you stretch your muscles every couple of hours of work in the contact centre to avoid fatigue or the potential of RSI. A quick search online will provide video links to several useful exercises and some top areas to focus on, including your hips, back, neck and wrists.

Ensuring your contact centre staff are comfortable and feeling their best will ensure your business continues to offer exceptional customer service. At Frontline, we are experts in providing outsourced customer support, giving you the reassurance that every phone call is handled with best practice in mind. Contact us today to learn more.