Great customer service is important to your company as it is a sure-fire way to grow genuine relationships and retain your core customers and a way to boost your brand reputation and attract new customers through a delivery of high standards. At Frontline we have built a team of contact centre operatives with the key qualities to thrive as customer service agents.

What is it that we believe makes a great customer service agent?

Speed of Service – The very best customer service agents will answer a call quickly, they will never leave you hanging in a queue or on hold for longer than necessary. In terms of a customer query they will understand what is required to find a resolution as quickly as possible.

Friendly and Positive Approach – Customer service is about positivity and communication. A good customer service operative will understand that they must remain positive at all times, even when faced with a negative conversation with a customer, or a complaint.

Empathy and Imagination – It is important to think about how the customer feels, to put yourself in their shoes. With a little imagination and empathy, the best customer service agents can resolve an issue as they understand where the customer is coming from.

At Frontline we can provide your business with a dedicated customer support team from our contact centre. We understand what makes a great customer service team and have put together the best available to help you drive standards and improve your relationships with your customers. For more information please contact us today on 01489 866630 or