When you outsource your customer service, you want to have peace of mind that the agents speaking to your customers are delivering the highest levels of service possible. At Front Line, we’ve been providing outsourced customer service solutions to a range of businesses for almost 20 years, 365 days of the year 24/7. Below we’ve listed out some of the key ways our staff continually deliver expert service to your loyal customers through our end to end telephone answering service.


Your customers are the most valued part of your business, so no matter how big or small their query, your staff need to be patient. Whether it’s the first call the person has answered that day or the last, entering the call with patience can help to resolve the reason for the person’s call efficiently. It’s equally important to let your customer take their time to explain the reason for their call so that all the details are clear and the call can be dealt with efficiently.

Listen openly

Listening is an obvious part of excellent customer service, but listening with an open mind can help to take your customer relationships to the next level. For example, if your customer is frustrated with an aspect of your website, they might not have the knowledge to say your usability is rubbish, but their frustrations might be telling you that! Listening and noting down key things the customer tells you means that when you start the resolution part of the phone call, you’re able to reflect on their issues offering solutions to specific comments they’ve made. Listening with an open mind means you’re not taking a call with a preconceived idea of the person’s problem, and that you’re able to provide the individual with a personalised solution.

Positive language

Using positive language is one of the key ways we ensure your customers leave their phone calls feeling supported and satisfied. For example, if a customer is chasing up an order that is late, framing it in a way that explains you’re grateful for the feedback and value their custom sounds a lot more positive than just saying the order will be with you on a certain date. Considering the language used during customer care calls ensures our agents present your customers with the most positive solutions possible.

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