Any business taking in-bound calls must provide a professional and courteous service. When it comes to the care industry, however, it’s important that callers are met with a sympathetic voice. Funeral call handling, for example, generally involves speaking to people whilst they are going through an extremely difficult time in their lives.

If someone needs to get in touch with a funeral director or funeral home, it’s likely that they’ve lost a family member or someone close to them. Due to this, they may be upset, confused or in shock. It’s vital, therefore, that the call operator builds rapport and allows the caller to provide information at their own pace.

Dealing with people in shock

Losing a loved one can be an extremely traumatic experience. Even when a death is expected, people can feel numb or discombobulated. When a death is sudden, however, the shock can be even more severe.

A sudden accident or an unexpected period of ill health could result in a death and loved ones may feel unprepared and unsure of how to deal with the situation. When providing a telephone answering service in such instances, it’s essential to recognise the needs of the caller.

It may be difficult for a caller to take in information at such a difficult time, for example. As a result, call operators may need to be prepared to repeat important details calmly and empathetically so that the caller can digest the information.

Choosing a funeral call handling service

Companies which operate in the care industry, such as care agencies or funeral homes, need to be contactable around the clock. Sadly, a death or crisis situation could occur at any time so it’s vital that people can seek help when they need it.

Using a telephone answering service can be the ideal way to provide 24 hour funeral call handling. However, businesses will want to ensure that the contact centre is able to process such sensitive calls. By conducting research and ensuring an empathetic response, funeral homes and directors can use outsourced customer service in order to provide a professional, sympathetic and genuine service.

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