Charities do wonderful work for those who are deprived, vulnerable and in need of help and assistance. Charities are often thinly stretched on the number of resources that they can offer, as well as time. This is when many charities go down the outsourced customer service route. Below we share the importance of protecting your charity’s reputation and why your charitable organisation needs to outsource its telephone answering service.

The importance of the first impression

First impressions are always important and it is vital that all call handlers have the skills and knowledge to deal with those who are at a venerable point in their lives. Charities are often stretched and do not have the resources to pay for adequate front line staff to answer these types of calls. When a charity opts to outsource its telephone answering service, employing people as the first point of contact who are trained in dealing with such issues is incredibly advantageous.

Help and advice offered at unpredictable times

Charitable organisations offer phone assistance to individuals at the most unpredictable times. It is vital that information is handled sensitively, and with emotion. Calls can come in at the most unexpected of times, day and night, and that is why it is vital that all telephone personnel are kept up to date, are available 24/7 and can think on their feet when taking calls that can be emotional and upsetting.

Experienced call support staff

It is essential that all staff who answer calls to a charity, provided by a telephone answering service, have the adequate training to meet the demands of the service, both day and night. Staff need to enhance the quality of the charity’s service, by being able to concisely help callers by signposting them to available services, resources and help.

Save money in the long run

We all know that charities have to talk about money, as they need to keep afloat in these frugal economic times of austerity. Outsourcing call centres does save money, while freeing up charity workers to do what they do best.

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