If your property management company or housing association is bogged down by the high level of calls you’re receiving, you may want to consider using a telephone answering service. Here are some great reasons why.

Keeping your tenants satisfied

When you have a lot of properties on your portfolio, meeting tenant demands and answering their complaints can be a stressful experience. You won’t have the time to deal with each complaint at the same time. Unfortunately tenants can often be impatient when it comes to resolving any issues and not getting back to them in time can flare up tensions.

By using a telephone answering service, you can solve this problem by giving your tenants direct contact with someone who will listen compassionately to their concerns. That way the tenant feels that they are being given the attention they deserve, while you aren’t overloaded with issues that need to be rectified at once.

You can focus on managing your properties

Whether you’re a one man band or have a small team around you, you will find there are times that you need to focus on projects without distractions from suppliers, tenants or even the council. The last thing you want is to start a major project to find that you are being barraged with thousands of phone calls on a daily basis.

If you’re really getting distracted from that all-important work, a telephone answering service can give you the support and help you need. You can trust the call answering team to take any notes and information, only to contact you when it is absolutely urgent.

You can reduce your costs

You may have an amazing team to support you, but the reality is sometimes it can be costly to keep a great amount of staff on site to answer every tenant query. You want to offer every prospective and existing tenant the best service but hiring more team members isn’t always an option.

A contact centre can relay the call between all of its team members, meaning that you never miss a call and pay only a single payment to have a well-trained team behind you. This will keep your costs down and your operations still working like clockwork.

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