Automated messages and systems form part of the contact centre / customer experience in almost all organisations. Used intelligently, they help direct calls correctly and save time for both staff and customers. But a recent survey has found that some aspects of the process are failing more than others. These common automated service features frustrate customers and are the last thing callers want to hear…

‘Please listen to the following options’

The strongest consumer hearts quail at this sentence which often launches a lengthy list of numbers and options, especially when none of them fit the particular reason they are calling. While such menus can help to direct calls to the right person or department, the lists must be short and to the point, must not lead on to endless other lists and should relatively quickly offer an ‘other’ option to prevent customer headaches.

‘Our lines are/department is closed, please call back later’

Nothing is more frustrating than working your way through a numbered menu only to reach a dead-end because the department/office is no longer open. To add insult to injury, sometimes these messages don’t provide any opening times, so the customer can’t even know WHEN to call back later. An obvious failing and one that can easily be avoided, why not include opening times in the welcome message, the first thing the caller hears?

Hold music

No customer wants to be sat listening to music when they have a query or concern about something important to them. Even your favourite song loses its appeal once heard distorted through your phone earpiece for the third time. A truly efficient, professional call system avoids keeping anyone on hold as much as possible.

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