What are you best at? It is a question which many businesses could benefit from posing to themselves. As we know, time is money, so deciding how your workforce spends its time is one of the most important pieces of strategising you will do as a manager. Part of ensuring your team is using their time as wisely as possible can mean cutting out tasks which could be done by personnel less qualified in IT. That’s why IT providers of many different descriptions can reap the rewards of outsourcing their front line IT support – here are three reasons why.

1. Round the clock support

While you might have a dedicated team, in many cases it is unlikely that an IT provider will want to set up round the clock support for their clients. But what if something goes wrong in the middle of the night? Customers value being reassured, and by outsourcing your first line IT support you can ensure that there is always someone to lend a sympathetic ear. Even if they won’t be able to solve the problem, they can calm the customer down, provide essential advice, and let them know when a specialist will respond to their request.

2. Filter out ‘dud’ requests

As an IT professional, you might have had a chuckle at how many times the ‘turn it off and switch it on again’ advice has solved the problem. Other typical problem-solving procedures might be to reset a connection or reinstall a program. Outsourced first line IT can diagnose problems and provide simple solutions, without you having to get involved, allowing you to focus on the more serious issues your customers have.

3. A ‘white label’ offering

While you might be worried that allowing another organisation to handle your first line support enquiries might make your company appear disjointed, many telephone answering services specialising in IT offer a ‘white label’ offering. This means there will be nothing to differentiate them from your company as far as the customer is concerned. You can reap the rewards of an additional ‘arm’ to your business, at the fraction of the cost required to operate the department in house.

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