Traditional thinking has been to make sure that you have as much information as possible available for your customers to find easily, without needing to speak to an actual member of staff. This has led to the creation of long FAQs or searchable knowledge bases to help customers find what they need. But the tide is changing – companies are now increasingly encouraging their customers to ask questions. Why? Because in every customer contact there is opportunity.

Opportunity for improvement

So, let’s say there’s something that is causing your customers frustration when they use your product. A customer calls in and explains it, tech support figure out a work around and tell the customer. The answer gets stored in your knowledge base, and after a few more calls make it clear this is a common problem, you add it to the FAQ on your website. Problem sorted, right? Except you now have no idea how many customers are getting frustrated by the same issue.

If instead, you took their calls, you’d be aware that it’s still frustrating your customers and could arrange a fix. In the first model, your customers have to go online to search for a solution – in the second you’ve fixed the problem and they have a much happier experience with your product.

Opportunity for relationship building

Any customer contact is another opportunity to build a relationship with your customer. It’s a chance to up-sell or cross-sell them another product (if appropriate) and another chance to create a positive feeling about your business. Customer loyalty is incredibly important, and this is how it’s built; one transaction at a time. With fully trained customer service operators offering a friendly and professional service, you have a chance to show your customers how important they are to you and how much you value you them by handling their problems well and quickly.

For too long people have looked on customer service calls as an unwelcome expense, something to be minimised. Forward-looking companies are realising the amazing opportunities that any customer contact can bring with it and embrace that with friendly, professional customer service operations. Get in touch with Frontline today to find out more.