Of course, these have a place especially for a quick answer. The convenience of this when most of us of us are accessing the internet via our smart phones can’t be denied. Sometimes you will be presented with multiple choice answers as companies have worked out what customers usually want the answers for. There are times however where the answers given don’t resolve the query and when this is the case, it is a human being who is behind the screen providing you with the answer.  

The recorded choice messages

We’ve all been there, constantly pressing buttons and still not getting to where you need to or the answers you seek. The frustration. The bottom line is we’re humans and you can’t engineer questions and answers entirely. Clearly businesses know which questions they are most asked and will set up selection around this. There is no doubt it must save on staffing but equally if you get to the end of the choices and you still haven’t obtained the information you seek then there is generally always a need to speak to an advisor.  

Can you answer calls inhouse?

So, we need people answering the phones and a great many businesses run their own call centres. With your own staff there is the company culture that underpins everything, awareness of branding and the product/service knowledge. There are pitfalls however with call centres not least of all a tendency for high staff turnover and sickness. The management of people is always tricky and a call centre inevitably has a lot of staff which can be challenging.


Challenges aside, a call centre is where a business can really showcase their service. It’s a chance to manage the needs of existing customers and upsell other products or services. The way that you resolve problems for customers can have a massive impact not just on them but who they tell. It’s a powerful means of conveying your brand message so call centre staff have an important job. But what if the managing calls side of the business is keeping you from other focuses such as strategy and marketing?

How we meet your need at Frontline

We can shoulder this need for you. Our highly skilled teams are experts in their respective fields. Their hard work allows your employees to focus on your primary business objectives, removing distractions and risk of a work overload. Our highly trained teams offer much more than just call answering, the customer care they provide builds customer relationships.

Years of experience

At Frontline we have been handling calls and communications across multiple channels for a variety of clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for over two decades. We have the experience and the technology to know the busiest day of the week is and which hours of the day are critical call times so that we adjust our staffing accordingly. Frontline has experienced team leaders who do exactly that, lead from the front.