Social media for business

The explosion of multiple social media platforms in the last decade or so has surpassed anything we could have conceived at the dawn of the internet. Initially these platforms were used as their name would indicate, to document social occasions. The evolution of social media in the last few years particularly for business has been staggering. There is no opting out now and if businesses do not engage with their customers across multiple channels, they miss the chance to sell and deliver good service. Business owners know that they need to actively utilize social media to help run their business smoothly but either don’t have the resources or the expertise to do it. That is where we come in.

Let us engage for you

Frontline recognize that social media is a tremendous resource for business. We know that this powerful tool must be utilised in the right way to ensure it reaches your customers, drives up sales and services their needs. We are experts in understanding how platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn work for business and we use that experience for you. These are important portals that link your customers directly to your website, but they are constantly updating and evolving so it’s critical you can react at the time. We ensure that our operatives keep your business at the cutting edge of this resource.

Website comments

This is another area of online business that has grown exponentially and it’s important that businesses answer and deal with comments left. The way of the world now is such that there is an expectation of immediacy and 24/7 service which is not always feasible with either business hours or staffing levels. Frontline have the team and the expertise to handle websites comments swiftly and professionally. We can ensure your brand is well represented in the way we deal with online comments.

Contact us

Many websiteshave an area on their site for customers to raise questions or queries which need to be dealt with. Frontline can handle this inbox for you and ensure that these are dealt with or sent on to right people within the business to respond. This contact could happen at any time of the day, so we are on hand to answer this communication whenever you need us to.

Review sites

Arguably the advent of these forums has been a good thing. All businesses now are visible and accountable, and it therefore raises the bar in service levels. We know that businesses need to react to reviews particularly if the reviewer is raising an issue or complaint. Gone are the days of the postal complaint letter where only the recipient sees it; now it’s on display for the whole world to see so it’s critical that these are dealt with in a timely manner. Frontline has a team ready to handle these sensitively and escalate where necessary leaving you to get on with the day to day running of your business.