Our Problem:

When the company first started, we no resource to dedicated to answering the phone full time . Issues like Holidays, sickness had been a headache.

Frontline Solutions:

Frontline were able to fill this gap and thus enable us to provide a better service to our customers. Frontline not only gave us peace of mind (somebody is answering our calls), but also allowed our customers to speak to a person, rather than leave a message/email etc.
As we grew Frontline’s role has also evolved, they are now, (all be it virtually), part of the team. Frontline now manages all of our over flow calls.
As we’ve grown we’ve never had to worry about our telephony – we’re totally confident that Frontline has the capacity to continue to meet our needs. They also enable us to cope with peaks and troughs – comfortable in the knowledge that we simply pay for what we use.
We have also been impressed by Frontline’s innovative approaches and their ongoing investment – in staff and skills as well as the considerable investment in systems.
On a personnel note they have always answered our calls professionally, and the information received is always correct. The real difference is that they actually took the time to understand our business, and orientated their business to fit in with our needs. I honestly can’t fault them, and would be stuck without them!

Nic Cronin,
Matrix IT Solutions