The company needed a round the clock centralised reactive maintenance helpdesk to allow the their staff to raise maintenance and break down issues as and when they occurred 24 x 7. It was imperative that the chosen provider would be able to gather the relevant information and action requests efficiently and accurately.
Details needed to be recorded, processed and uploaded automatically onto our internal purchase order system. The challenge was to ensure that each of our sites had the ability to raise serious works maintenance orders but requests that did not meet our emergency criteria could be triaged and filtered out by Frontline staff.

The set up was painless and our dedicated Account Manager assisted us every step of the way in establishing the service we wanted.  Frontline’s years of experience in this field told and we were confident we had chosen the best provider for our needs.

The service has allowed our staff not only to raise works required but to know that these will be followed and chased should there be any delay. We are kept informed of any up-dates which enables us to plan ahead.

Frontline also know how important it is for each site to have attendance in a timely manner so alongside raising works orders they also manage the vendors to ensure they attend when needed. Should any problems occur Frontline will liaise with the vendors, sites and Area Property Managers to find a solution. It may be that a chaser call is need or a secondary vendor contacted to take the place of those originally requested. This not only ensures day to day running of essential maintenance but also allows us to monitor vendor performance which is an integral part of the process.

We now have a service that all our sites are aware of and are confident in utilising. We have a strong relationship with Frontline and know that they have our needs at the very forefront of their thoughts.